Modifying a Trust WB5400 Megapixel Webcam for Astronomical imaging

The Original Camera

The camera comes apart easily

The cable has to be cut free from the back of the original webcam housing

A hole is drilled centrally in the project box

The hole is enlarged to exactly the right size using a conical grinding stone

The lens thread mount just slides through the hole

Three short hexagonal spacers and three small nuts and bolts are needed

The project box is drilled for the bolts and the spacers to hold the circuit board in place.

The drill bit passes through the circuit board and drills through the appropriate spot on the front of the box.

Each bolt and spacer is put in place as each hole is drilled.

Mounting the camera for a C mount rather than a webcam adapter

A slot is cut through which the cable can pass

A cable tie is used to make sure that the cable cannot be pulled through the slot detaching the wires from the circuit board

The completed camera with its original lens back in place

The CMOS chip is now closer to the front so that it can be placed at the prime focus of a PST solar telescope.

A short Mogg adapter allows the chip to be placed close enough in to be at the prime focus, as the PST eyepiece tube is very shallow.

S.J. Wainwright