Mounting the WB-5400 for a C mount

At this stage, when the three mounting holes have been drilled so that the CMOS chip will be exactly central in the hole for the webcam thread mount, the hole can be enlarged further with the conical grinding stone until a C-CS adapter ring can just push through it. The ring can be attached firmly with epoxy resin glue or araldite.

In this case, the circuit-board was mounted on the lid of the project box, which is marginally easier to do.

A C mount, 1.25 " telescope adapter will screw into the C-CS ring.

A low profile adapter must be used if the camera is to be used with a PST.

In operation, a bright, blue LED lights up on the circuit board. This is not a problem when the CMOS chip is shielded from it by the webcam lens mount. It must be painted over with black enamel paint to eliminate the light.

This C mount modification was made in order to eliminate the possibility of vignetting due to the large size of the CMOS light sensor chip and the narrow webcam lens-mount.

S.J. Wainwright