Lunar images from AVIs captured at full video resolution of 1280 x 1024 with a Megapixel TRUST USB2 Webcam live WB 5400 CMOS webcam

Lunar image Jan 25 2007

January 25 2007

A 270 frame full resolution AVI was processed in Registax 4 and the best 95 frames were used.

The camera was placed at the Prime-focus of an f/4.8 10" Orion Optics Newtonian.

This is a genuine high resolution camera and at this resolution (1280 x 1024) is NOT interpolated.

Image derived from a 480 frame AVI is shown below:

Lunar image Jan 25 2007

January 25 2007

March 01 2007

80mm f/5 Orion Refractor with Schuler 850nm IR pass filter. Image taken in broad daylight.

March 24 2007

March 26th 2007

Day 8 11h of lunation 1042

Through a 10" f/4.8 Orion Europa Newtonian

S.J. Wainwright 2007