Grove's modification of a CCD surveillance board video camera for long exposures

0.02 lux 3046 CCD board camera

This modification was developed by Jon Grove.

Also a similar modification of a 0.003Lux Low light module 100 4X board camera with an EXviewHAD CCD has been developed by Jon Grove.

(Hereafter called the 100 4X JG Video camera)

Jon's modification produces a video camera with a 'bulb' exposure function. A switch is fitted for the modification that makes and breaks a connection between pin 5 on the control chip and the pad of pin 5. The result of this modification is that when the swich breaks the contact, the camera starts integrating a long exposure. When the switch then makes the contact, the camera downloads the long exposure frame as the first frame of a normal stream of video frames. All of the video session is recorded on video tape which can then be jogged, frame by frame to find the long exposure frame and then capture it via a capture card.


Results by Jon Grove

First Light

September 14-15 2001

M2 at the Newtonian focus of a 6" Orion Europa Newtonian

Further Results

M13 at the Newtonian focus of a 6" Orion Europa Newtonian

Alcyone in M45

M45 Showing nebulosity

Using a home-made focal reducer to scan the cluster, a montage of around 15 images was made of about 2 seconds each. The scale of the final image was then reduced.

More Results