Correcting for VOB frame BMP Aspect Ratio

The aspect ratio of BMP images extracted from PAL VOB files on DVD have the dimensions 720 x 576 which is NOT the 4:3 VGA ratio required.

For a BMP with the dimensions 720 x 576 all that is required is to rescale (not maintaining aspect ratio) to 640 x 480, or to the larger PAL 4:3 image size of 768 x 576

Rescaling should be done at the end when the final image is obtained from Registax or Deep Sky Stacker.

Download a graphic aspect ratio converter by Nicola Mackin FRAS to correct directly the aspect ratio of an image, show the result and allow it to be saved

Screenshot (75% actual size)

The image can be scaled down or scaled up to the required 4:3 aspect ratio

Steve Wainwright